Amanda Such

Whatever comes, let it come.  Whatever stays, let it stay.  Whatever goes, let it go.  Life is about the journey of exploration and growth, constantly expanding your awareness, opening your heart to trust, so you can enjoy the present moment.  As we come together for asana, we step onto our yoga mats with an open heart to discover the unique gifts, which this practice can bring.

As a traveling yogi, Amanda embraces each class as an opportunity to create an open space of love and energy, encouraging her students to dive into their practice keeping in mind one of her favorite quotes “ We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace within ourselves” – Dalai Lama

For years, Amanda has been teaching yoga, dedicated to constantly learning and sharing her amazing energy for life with her students.  Having a background in psychology, education and a wide variety of interests, Amanda shares with you her knowledge and love for life.  She looks forward to learning and sharing with you.