Dominique Sy

Dominique Sy has been studying and practicing the art of yoga for over 8 years. She was first drawn to the yoga practice at York University to help her balance her student life. She has become a devoted practitioner and her interest in yoga has led her to study yoga in Thailand as well as Canada. She received her yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Centre of Burlington and passed with the Honour of Distinction. She is a full time yoga teacher and continues to attend classes, workshops and retreats to enrich her teaching and deepen her own yoga practice. As a graduate of York University Dominique holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and Society.
She is deeply grateful for the gift of yoga, which promotes not only the physical and mental strength but also the spiritual strength. She believes that anybody can benefit from yoga and encourages others to build a solid foundation for their practice through breath, postural alignment, and inner awareness. Her classes vary from a free flowing vinyasa to Yin and Hatha yoga classes emphasizing both strength and surrender. These are the qualities she feels we both need on and off our yoga mats. In her classes expect a wholesome practice with an emphasis on being true to yourself, and connecting with the qualities of the heart like kindness, joy and compassion.