Joy Roca

Joy started yoga at her local gym in 2004. After a short introduction to Capoeria, she decided to dive deeper into a intense yoga practice. After her first hot yoga class in Oakville, she took a full 10 minute final savasana and became hooked ever since. She completed her Moksha Teacher Training in Kerala, India in March 2008. The experience became so embedded in her soul that she holds every moment and person she encounterd in her heart.

Joy graduated from York University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree attaining a double major in Sociology and Communication Studies. While teaching in Trinidad for the winter months of 08/09 she also completed her Level 1 & 2 training of Thai Yoga Massage in Tobago, with founder of Lotus Palm, Kam Thye Chow. In Janurary 2010 she successfully completed a Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training with Frank Jude Boccio.

The greatest teachers are always conscious they are first, foremost, and always students, learning to appreciate all the lessons each moment has to offer. Joy understands when one strays from the fundamentals, the ability to focus is the next to go. With that in light, she is always using mindful breath awareness, keeps an open mind and, more importantly, an open heart. She looks forward to teaching and learning; listening and loving. She hopes to one day grow into her full name; Josephine.