What To Expect

What To Expect

Don’t worry – we were nervous our first time too!

The great news is that the Moksha yoga sequence was designed with beginners in mind and therefore is suitable for all levels of experience and flexibility. With a regular Moksha practice, soon the postures become second nature in the body and then you’re ready for our slightly more advanced Moksha Flow class!

What to Bring

Bring a yoga mat, beach-sized towel and drinking water for your practice; another towel if you would like to shower after class at the studio. We have filtered water in our change rooms, so you can bring your own refillable bottle or purchase a re-usable bottle at the studio. Yoga mats and towel service are available for $2 each. All mats and towels are washed and disinfected after use.

What to Wear
Wear minimal clothing, whatever you feel comfortable with. Keep in mind that the room is heated and you will sweat! Our change rooms have showers, complimentary environmentally-friendly soap, Q-tips and hair dryers.

What to Eat & Drink
Come to class on a semi-empty stomach, avoid coffee before class, and drink lots of water. Try not to eat any heavy meals 2-3 hours before practicing, and arrive well hydrated!

What to Buy
Start with our Intro Month: for $44, you get one month of unlimited yoga. So that you can practice every day …. even twice a day if you want to REALLY get your sweat on. This will allow you to see how fitting yoga into your busy schedule makes your life and your body feel… oh so much better. They say, “If you make time for yoga, yoga makes time for you”.

Other Helpful Hints
Please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to class time as latecomers not permitted. Arriving early will give you a chance to talk with your teacher about any concerns or injuries you may have, and get settled in and relaxed before your class. Turn cell phones/pagers off and please keep them off even in the change rooms and refrain from wearing any fragrances when coming to class.

Ready….. sweat…….GO!!!!!